Have you ever wished you could instantly redesign and remodel your home or living spaces? Now, with the innovative new app RoomGPT, you can easily visualize and generate your dream room designs in seconds using AI.

RoomGPT is a unique AI interior design web application that simplifies the process of room remodeling. With RoomGPT, anyone can instantly generate variations of any room by simply taking a photo.

This online tool eliminates the need for an interior designer and provides users worldwide with the ability to visualize their ideal room designs, layouts, furniture options, and color schemes based on nothing more than a picture of their existing space.

Read on to learn how this revolutionary tool can help you effortlessly create the interior space of your dreams!

How Does RoomGPT Use AI to Generate Dream Room Designs?

The magic behind RoomGPT is its use of an ML model called ControlNet to generate variations of any room photo. All you need to do is upload a photo of any room, and RoomGPT’s AI model will instantly generate alternative room designs, themes, wall colors, furniture arrangements, and more.

ControlNet is a generative adversarial network (GAN) that allows RoomGPT to produce photorealistic variations of room interiors. The AI has been trained on a huge dataset of room photos so it can intelligently modify the layout, objects, materials, lighting, and style of a provided room image.

This enables anyone to easily visualize different interpretations of their space without needing advanced photo editing skills.

Why Use RoomGPT for Interior Design and Remodeling?

There are many great reasons to use RoomGPT to reimagine and redesign your home’s interior:

  • It’s free to use. Just visit and you can immediately start generating alternative room designs. It gives you a few free credits, and you can buy extra credits from their website if you run out.
  • No design expertise is needed. RoomGPT makes it easy for anyone to visualize different room layouts and styles, regardless of artistic ability.
  • See your room in different themes. Easily preview how your space would look in different aesthetics like modern, traditional, coastal, boho, and more.
  • Experiment risk-free. Quickly iterate on different room arrangements and designs before committing to any permanent changes.
  • Eliminates the need for a designer. Get high-quality AI-generated room visualizations without paying for an interior designer.
  • Works in any room. Use it in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and other interior spaces.
  • Available on mobile. Access RoomGPT’s AI-powered room designs right from your phone, making remodeling easy.
  • It’s just cool! This innovative AI tool offers a fun new way to envision changes for your home.
roomgpt before and after

Step-By-Step Guide to Using RoomGPT

Ready to instantly generate photorealistic visualizations of your dream room? Here, I’ll lead you through the process in a few easy steps:

  1. Go to and click “Get Started.” This will open up the RoomGPT interface.
  2. Take or upload a photo of the room you want to redesign. Make sure the photo clearly shows the entire room layout.
  3. The AI will generate variations. Once you submit the photo, RoomGPT’s ML model will automatically produce alternative room designs based on the image.
  4. Browse the generated options. Scroll through the different room themes, layouts, colors, and furniture arrangements created by the AI.
  5. Click to re-generate and iterate. See new room interpretations by clicking the “More Variations” button.
  6. Save and share your favorites. When you find designs you love, download them to your device or share them via social media.

You can easily use RoomGPT to visualize dozens of unique room designs perfected by AI in just a few clicks. It’s an ideal way to find inspiration and bring your dream interior to life!

Behind the Scenes: How RoomGPT Was Built

For techies curious about how this impressive AI application was created, RoomGPT was developed using a next.js API hosted on Vercel that calls a machine learning model built in PyTorch. The front end utilizes React while the backend leverages Node.js and Express.

The creators trained ControlNet using a dataset of over 130,000 room photos labeled with segmentation maps. This allows the GAN model to intelligently modify the layout and appearance of a given room photo to generate realistic variations.

RoomGPT is also fully open-source. Developers can clone and deploy their own version of RoomGPT by checking out the code from the RoomGPT GitHub repo.

Why RoomGPT Is a Game-Changer for Home Design

RoomGPT is an innovative tool that makes interior design accessible and easy for everyone. Here are some of the key reasons this AI-powered web app is revolutionary:

  • Democratizes design using AI and ML technology.
  • Allows anyone to easily visualize and create their dream room.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive interior designers and remodeling.
  • Provides photorealistic room visualizations.
  • Empowers users with creative control over room designs.
  • Enables rapid iteration to find the perfect room layout and style.
  • Can reimagine any room in your house with just a photo.
  • Offers a fun new way to design using AI-generated art.
  • Fully open-source so anyone can run their own version.

RoomGPT makes remodeling and interior design easier and more accessible than ever before. This innovative application of AI image generation delivers real value to homeowners, renters, designers, and creators.

roomgpt original and generated room

RoomGPT Alternatives

While RoomGPT generates AI-powered room designs for free (3 credits are free), there are also paid services that offer advanced functionalities.

  1. Home Designs AI: This tool has different paid plans allowing users to generate 3D interior, exterior, and garden renderings starting at $27 per month, with options to add personalized instructions for the AI to follow, such as preferred colors, textures, or furniture types. You can use this feature to provide specific details about your desired outcome. With you can upload your photo, choose a mode, and pick from over 40 design styles.
  2. ReRoom AI: Upload a picture of your project, discover 20+ unique design styles, and enjoy photorealistic renders in just seconds! ReRoom has a free plan (3 credits for free) and a paid plan at $25 per month.
  3. ArchitectGPT: Design your dream living space with your own personal AI-powered architect and interior designer. Create world-class designs and sketches. This fantastic tool starts at $10 in the Basic plan, $20 in the Standard plan, and $30 in the Pro plan. They also offer a plan for teams at $300 per month.
  4. Interior AI offers a unique platform that leverages artificial intelligence to offer interior design solutions. It allows you to take photos of your own living spaces and then transform them into a new style, providing you with fresh design inspiration and ideas for your home. The platform offers various modes and styles, from modern and minimalist to rustic and bohemian, giving you a wide range of creative options.

Key Takeaways

Here are the most important points to remember about instantly generating your dream room with RoomGPT:

  • RoomGPT lets anyone easily remodel and redesign rooms using just a photo.
  • It generates photorealistic room visualizations through AI in seconds.
  • The app gives you a few credits for free to start and requires no design expertise. You can buy more credits if needed.
  • Users worldwide can visualize room layouts, themes, colors, and furniture with RoomGPT.
  • It eliminates the need for expensive professional interior design services.
  • RoomGPT works for any room – living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • The AI-powered app simplifies interior design and makes remodeling fun and easy.
  • Developers can run their own version via the open-source RoomGPT GitHub repository.
  • This innovative app democratizes design and gives users creative control.
  • There are other alternatives (free and paid) that you can explore, so you can decide which one suits your creative needs better.

Start using RoomGPT today to effortlessly generate your dream room designs at!

I hope this revolutionary AI tool lets you quickly bring your ideal living space to life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is RoomGPT?

A: RoomGPT is an AI-powered tool that allows you to generate your dream room designs in seconds. It uses an ML model called GPT to generate variations of rooms based on different themes and designs.

Q: How can I use RoomGPT?

A: To use RoomGPT, you can either take a picture of your room or use a picture of a room from the internet. Then, upload the picture to the RoomGPT website or app, and instantly see how your room looks in different themes and designs.

Q: Is RoomGPT available worldwide?

A: Yes, RoomGPT is available worldwide. You can access it from any location and use it to redesign your room according to your preferences and style.

Q: Can I use RoomGPT on my mobile device?

A: Yes, RoomGPT is designed to be mobile-friendly. You can use it on your smartphone or tablet to generate your dream room designs on the go.

Q: Is RoomGPT an alternative to hiring an interior designer?

A: RoomGPT can be seen as an alternative to hiring an interior designer for a room remodeling. It allows you to see how your room could look in different themes and designs, giving you inspiration and ideas for your own project.

Q: Can I see how my room looks in different themes?

A: Yes, RoomGPT allows you to instantly see how your room looks in different themes and designs. You can explore various options and choose the one that suits your taste the best.

Q: Can I remodel my room today using RoomGPT?

A: Yes, you can remodel your room today using RoomGPT. Simply upload a picture of your room and start experimenting with different designs and layouts to create your dream room.

Q: Is RoomGPT an open-source project?

A: Yes, RoomGPT is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. You can review the code and contribute to its development if you have the expertise.

Q: How does RoomGPT generate room designs?

A: RoomGPT uses an ML model called GPT, which stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer.” This model has been trained on a vast amount of room design data and can generate realistic and diverse room designs based on the input image.

Q: Can I login to RoomGPT?

A: Currently, RoomGPT does require a user login. You can sign-in with your Google account at the moment.

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